My art is an exploration of beauty of women and goddesses who symbolize higher truth that has been long lost since WWI and WWII. The women and goddesses symbolize a golden age in which man lived in harmony with nature - a theme that has been explored many times by the great artists such as Cezanne and Matisse. The thing that I am doing differently is that I perceive higher truth as symbolized by the standing female form to be within an environment of competing ideas, in which lesser truths and falsehoods may be mistaken for the higher truth. Often in my works, there is the alpha female who is most beautiful and thereby symbolizes the truth, accompanied by lesser females who symbolize lesser truths and falsehoods. I do not equate greater physical beauty to a greater affinity for truth, but rather these assertions are metaphorical and symbolic in nature, not having anything to do with actual perception of beauty in the external reality. Different ideas, beliefs, ideologies, truths, and falsehoods compete for dominance in an ecosystem that is reality itself, which are like virus hotspots or bacterial colonies. Under the guise of free will and free speech, these falsehoods that pose a danger to interpretation of truth and reality, and to society at large, grow in local hotspots hidden from mainstream view. Extremist ideas like alt right white nationalism and false ideas that climate change is not real or that creationism is true alternative to the theory of evolution are spread by devout believers of those ill-founded ideological views and beliefs. And depending on the right sociopolitical and economic situation, those ill-founded beliefs can spread like wildfire, changing the mainstream opinion itself and posing an immense danger to the survival of civilization and our species. 
My art calls for a return to the idealism of the lost golden age, in which higher truth as symbolized by beauty and goddesses guided the people to aspire to their greatest human potential. In my art, the image is sacred, no matter if it's good or bad, happy, or sad, or useful or useless. The image can be captured by a camera, but that's not the whole story, for the camera would not work without there being someone at the back of the camera. The belief that I have and the truth that I advocate is that energy (in the form of electrons) is essentially light energy (in the form of photons) that is entangled with matter to give rise to the perception of time and space, and consciousness of an observer viewing the camera is the byproduct of the interaction of matter and energy. Without matter or escaping matter as heat, a photon experiences infinite time dilation and spatial contraction, meaning that there is no time or space as experienced by a photon. Photon is the mind and body of God, and we come from God and will return to it when we die. In a world where observation and consciousness are an intrinsic part of physics and reality itself, the image is sacred and a form of higher truth because we are first and foremost observers meant to perceive truth as images. Just because an image can be crushed and discarded in the mind or within external reality doesn't mean that it's false, just like anything in the world that is true or real can be destroyed and desecrated, including loved ones. Truth is always changing and never changing at the same time because reality itself is always changing in some aspects while never changing in others.
Not all images are the same - some are false, while others are true. And some images are beautiful, while others are ugly. I uphold the sanctity of images as information capable of conveying the truth, which in turn enables action on the part of the observer. Without imagery, action would not be possible. Without two dimensional imagery of a three dimensional world, the world would be two dimensional plane with one dimensional visual information, or one dimensional plane with zero dimensional visual information. In other words, imagery is an intrinsic part of the universe itself, and it is imagery that enables action on the part of the observer and giving the observer the ability to exercise free will. In my art, higher beauty represents higher truth, while lesser beauty represents lesser truths and falsehoods, all of which exist within a competing framework in an interacting ecosystem of ideas and ideologies. The burden to propagate the truths is on the shoulders of the observers and actors who know what the truth is. These observers and actors are guided by the higher truths of love, compassion, truth and justice, as symbolized by beauty and goddesses in my art.
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