My art is an exploration of beauty and, in particular, female beauty that is rooted in escapism and fantasy from the struggles of reality. I use abstraction and impasto to give birth to a unique style that beckons the idealism of modernism. Abstraction and impasto both conceal and reveal parts of the personality of and the reality surrounding the subjects. Harmony of color and form must exist in at least one level or dimension, so that even chaos and ugliness can be constructed via methods of harmony. Harmony lends the picture to a world of beauty that is both earthly and divine. Beauty is the basis of love, and love, according to Plato, is a spirit that is neither good nor bad but in-between. While beauty cannot be the only reason for love, it is a physical manifestation of the possibility of love in the physical universe. Beauty is a sign that the universe we reside in is beautiful, and love is a sign that we are fundamentally good. 
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