Artist Statement

We are observers of photons and light. We are observers of events and circumstances. We are observers of truth. We are messengers of truth.
We are not only observers. We are actors in the universe made up of space-time, which determine how events happen and are observed. In principle, we have free will, a right to self-determination, right to pursuit of happiness and well-being, and right to pursuit of knowledge and truth. When the universe is examined through truth, these ideas are revealed as fundamental conditions and rights of man. In practice, these ideas are not universal, but they should be in principle. Because universal principles are reciprocal. To have free will for oneself, there must be free will for others. To have happiness and well-being for oneself, there must be same for others.  
Through painting, I am putting down only the truth of what I see and observe. Through painting, I insist that truth is a universal principle. Truth is in actuality not a universal reality. Because the universe is not only reciprocal but also consists of opposite duality. Truth is something that can be distorted, manipulated, and controlled. Through language and information. People distort and manipulate truth to their own advantage. They re-write history, insist on what is beautiful and what is undesirable, and take advantage of weak and less-informed. We distort truth by emphasizing or highlighting certain aspects of truth, while refusing to deliver the whole picture. We distort truth and misinform the masses, manipulate their views, and use their voices to our own ends.
Through painting, I insist on the destruction of this persistent process of manipulating truth into a lie. Through painting I am making a stand for truth as a universal principle, and a right of all observers and actors. Through painting I am trying to deliver the whole picture, not just part of the picture, and the whole truth, not part of the truth.
The truth is not absolute but a relative curvature of effectiveness and relevance. In other words, truth is absolute in that it is relative; and truth is relative in that it is absolute. In my paintings the truth can be categorized as historical and ahistorical consisting of archetypes and stereotypes. These are similar to inductive and deductive reasoning to arrive at the truth.

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