In my art, there appears to be three kinds of obsession - obsession with abstraction and stylization, obsession with representation of figures and the human form, and also the sexually driven escapist fantasy involving beautiful females. It appears that my inclination towards abstraction and stylization is in service of depicting figures and in particular female figures in an idealized manner. Ever since I was a kid, I felt a special kind of attraction towards and appreciation for idealized female beauty without having any sexual knowledge. I knew that idealized female beauty was something special, that no form of male beauty could equal. 
I am aware of the feminist arguments against putting women on a pedestal, or idealizing them into a form that real women do not look like. In my defense, I would argue that the women in my art are not human but goddesses or aliens, and I have zero expectation for real women to look like the idealized females in my art. 
I believe that through art and music, the female form, voice, and persona can express a part of divinity. While some religions perceive divinity to primarily be a male form and historically banned female priestesses, I attempt to express divinity that is female in essence. Female beauty and sexuality can be an expression of divinity because they provide enjoyment, expression, and fulfillment for the soul and the mind of a conscious being, beyond the realm of the ordinary experiences. Images of ideal beauty can provide escape for people who desire more than mediocrity and ordinary life. Throughout my works, I present the solutions to the equations for beauty packaged in the female form, from the view of an external male observer. 
I believe that, just like an aviation enthusiast who can get the coolest views of a fighter jet maneuvers from the outside, rather than from the cockpit, I can capture the most beautiful and passionate images of female beauty through the external male gaze. The process of discovering beauty is akin to plastic surgery. I keep changing and molding the female form to arrive at the essential solution that contains harmony and beauty. 
My art could be different from the typical male artist's exploitation of the female nude in that honesty, sincerity, and respect in the investigative process of painting and creating are all present in my work. My work is mostly stylized and semi-abstracted, meaning that I am drawn to the experimental aspect of creating as much as the subject of idealized female beauty. I hope to give the viewer an otherworldly taste of what is possible outside reality. 
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